Starting your own business is exciting, there is so much to do and so much to learn. An important part of getting your business started is marketing and in today’s world that means social media. It is free advertising, and it is the way people shop and look for services now, so it is critical that you get involved.

Don’t rush in.  It’s best to do some planning first and get to grips with what you need.  Here is a quick break down of how to get started.

1. Branding

You will need a logo and a general theme (colours and fonts) to represent your business. When you come to create your business profile on social media, it is best to have these in place, so you can create your Brand straight away.  Create some paragraphs and sentences that really describe what you are doing. These will be useful to fill in your profile details.  Have you got your website, email address and phone number ready to use?

2. Who are you talking to?

Take some time to think about who your potential clients are?

Where will they be on social media?  Young and trendy – then you need to go to Instagram. A bit older – then you need to head to Facebook. Targeting business owners – then try LinkedIn. 

How do you talk to them – what tone of voice do you use? Do you speak very formally, or do you use lots of emojis? 😊

3. Collect images to use

Take images of your products, your work environment, yourself, inspiration images of your life etc. If you struggle with this, do look out for the copyright free image sites like or

4. Do some research

Go and look at similar businesses to yours. See what they are doing, get inspiration. Take notes of the words, images and types of posts they are using.

5. Now dive into the world of social media

Start with one platform at a time, try to get that one set up fully before starting another one. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin.  Most platforms take you through a step by step procedure to set up Business Pages, prompting you to fill in and action certain things.  Take your time and click into everything, fill in everything and explore everything that you can do. It will not break, and everything is fixable and removable. So be brave and try everything.

6. Start posting

Deciding what to tell your potential clients can be a bit overwhelming. Do remember that social media is social, you need to be chatty, informative, interesting and fun. Don’t just sell, sell, sell – people will get bored and wander off.  So do one salesy post a week and then do an instructional/interesting piece that relates to your business and do a fun piece showing who you are and why you love doing what you do.  Mix it up, make people want to follow you – and ultimately spend their money with you.

7. Take it further

Once you are comfortable with a social media platform, do push your boundaries. In Facebook, join the local groups and start posting in there. In Instagram, try doing reels and stories. In LinkedIn, reach out to someone and start a chat. Be brave, chat to people, join in and be Social.

Take a deep breath and get your business out there. Remember it’s not like normal marketing – you can delete, edit, amend and change everything, so get posting and let everyone know you are there.

This article was written by Fiona Service of Litus Digital

If you’re a new business who would like some help with aspects such as social media marketing, at the Aldershot Enterprise Centre we offer a Free Business Mentor for your first 6 months of tenancy. Visit for more information about our paid for mentoring service

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