Business Support

Free Business Mentoring for all tenants

Perhaps you are just starting up and looking for ways to promote your business? 

Or maybe you are an existing business owner who wants to make the leap to the next level of growth?

Here at the Aldershot Enterprise Centre, we are able to provide you with the help and services of WSX Enterprise and a wide variety of programmes from other trusted partners to help cover every need entrepreneurs might have.

This will include:

  • starting your business
  • growth; finance
  • environmental issues
  • innovation and product/service development
  • marketing and sales
  • websites and social media
  • social enterprise development.

At any stage of business, receiving support, advice and inspiration are crucial for achieving your goals.

Our offer, to all Aldershot Enterprise Centre tenants, is a FREE Mentor for 6 months (to be used in the first 12 months of tenancy)!
We have case studies on companies who have used our Mentors in the past, showing how their start-up or established businesses have benefited from the experience of a Mentor-Net mentor.

You can read more about the service below.

External link to Mentor-Net website 

Contact our friendly office team to find out how they can help you get started.

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