Meeting + Training Rooms

Whatever your meeting or training room requirements are, we can accommodate your request

If it’s a business meeting, training session or an event, Mandora House will have rooms to match your needs.

Our Office Team will be ready to greet your guests and refreshments can be provided if you wish.

We can also arrange food from our Cafe, along with tea, coffee and more onsite if needed.

Inclusive Benefits:

Training Rooms – Latest iBoardTouch screens with built-in PC (Windows 7) for presentations on USB/Web, or connect your own device.

Internet Access in all rooms (WiFi)

Flip-chart + Projector for Meeting Rooms, on request

Training Room (iBoard) Boardroom
Wellington Suite 1/2 Day: £95.00+VAT 1 Hour: £16.00+VAT
Wellington Suite 1 Day: £190.00+VAT 1/2 Day: £72.50+VAT
McGrigor Suite 1/2 Day: £82.50+VAT 1 Day: £145.00+VAT
McGrigor Suite 1 Day: £165.00+VAT

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