Kraken Print & Design was formed in 2014 by Ryan Smith and was one of the first tenants of the Aldershot Enterprise Centre. Having been in the sign and print business for 10 years, he had been thinking about setting up in his home for a while. After teaming up with his father Colin, the perfect opportunity arose as the centre opened in the same year. We are delighted that the team have decided to move with us to the new site on Victoria Road this Summer.

Aldershot Enterprise Centre has been our home since our beginning, and whilst we were ready to expand, this move timing has been perfect! It has allowed us to move to a larger space yet remain with a landlord who we know and trust.

Partners Ryan Smith, Colin Smith and Daryl Baker head up the team at kraken Print & Design



An extensive offering

Kraken Print specialises in artwork, print and signage. Colin explains that they are ambitious in their projects,

“We like to take on some of the more challenging tasks that other printers will shy away from. Our ethos is – if you can hold it down we can print it.”

Partners Colin, Ryan and Daryl have over 40 years of experience between them and their list of print and design services includes:

But Colin claims that by no means this list is exhaustive,

“If you don’t see what you are looking for it is likely that over the 40 plus years that we have been in the industry that we have seen it, found a way to print it and bought the t-shirt!“

Kraken print will take on a wide range of print and design projects from branding on clothing, to large signage.


Support of the Aldershot Enterprise Centre

Colin is pleased to report that business is growing and the team are looking to secure a larger unit through the centre.

Their longevity at the Aldershot Enterprise Centre is partly down to the flexibility of the team there,

“The ability to easily move into the centre and change units within the centre without signing complex costly leases was a big win for us.”

But it’s also useful for them to have the day-to-day support of the in-house reception team,

“Having a professional team on Reception to meet and greet clients and take deliveries is very helpful.”

Future business goals

Colin explains that they are going to keep doing what they do well to continue growing the business,

“Kraken’s business goal is to give good customer service, retain clients and generate repeat revenue. And hopefully, make a small profit!”

The company was looking to move as they got larger, so the announcement from the centre management team with regards to moving to a new building was great news,

“The team at the Centre have always gone above and beyond in helping us from business mentoring, and advice to cups of tea and a friendly ear to soundboard off. We are really looking forward to our new space and a more central location which we really feel our business will benefit from.”

Colin’s Top Tip for Start-Up Businesses

“Our top tip for other start-ups would be to concentrate on what you know and find a good mentor to help with what you don’t.”

More information on Kraken Print can be found on their website or you can see their latest projects on Facebook and Instagram.

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