It’s not long now until the big day, when hopefully you’ll be able to take a bit of a break. But should you still be beavering away trying to sell your business on social media over the festive period? Here are a few things to think about when considering if and what to post on your social media business pages over Christmas.

You need time to spend with your family and friends

It is Christmas after all!  Plan ahead and schedule your posts, so you can take some well-deserved time off.  As a small business owner, you can’t work every day or you will burn out and Christmas is the perfect time to take a break.

More people will be looking at their social media

As more of us are at home and not working over Christmas, it is a good time for your business to be seen on social media. Therefore, it is important to post about your business, which is why scheduling posts is key.

Don’t be too pushy, salesy, or boring! 

Despite it being a high-engagement time for social media, people want to be entertained at Christmas and to feel the Christmas joy and love. If all you do is sell, people will turn away.

Tis the time for glad tidings!

Christmas is a time to be a bit more personal, fun and helpful on your social media posts to make the right impact. So, bearing in mind your business’s branding and tone of voice, try  fun, different content such as dancing Santa, funny cartoons, or tips for dealing with the family over Christmas or on how to cook the turkey.

Here are some ideas to get the right tone on your business social media over the Christmas period:

  • Get involved with a charity and get your clients involved.  It doesn’t have to be much, food for the food banks, a small percentage of your sales to a local charity, etc. 
  • Share gratitude for all the people that have helped you over the year.  Friends, family, other businesses.  It’s nice to say thank you and acknowledge their help.
  • Create a competition – with a Christmas present as the prize.  One of your products or a voucher for one of your services could be a prize. It’s a great way to get more potential customers interested and a fun way to promote your business.
  • Share your family’s preparations for the Christmas period. For example, a picture of your Christmas tree, Christmas food, wrapped presents, Christmas jumpers, etc.
  • Don’t forget to do a Special Offer – either before Christmas or in the January Sales period.  It always works a treat.
  • We know that not all families and business owners celebrate Christmas, but it is a great time to get people’s attention.  You can still run competitions, help a charity, etc.  And these tips are useful for other holidays, e.g., Diwali and Hannukah.
  • Finally, don’t forget to wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from your business!

This article was written by Fiona Service of Litus Digital.

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