Staff at EPC Wheelchairs, based at the Aldershot Enterprise Centre

EPC Wheelchairs has been providing specialist equipment for the disabled for over 30 years. Prior to their arrival at the Aldershot Enterprise Centre, they already had one office in an innovation centre in Cornwall. This had worked well for them, so they were looking for something similar in the Surrey/Hampshire area.

Offering specialist high-performance wheelchairs, sports products and mobility aids, the experienced staff have direct knowledge of wheelchair use and can provide expert advice to their clients. Because they are independent, they are also able to offer choice.

A Flexible Location

Linda Norfolk, Managing Director of EPC wheelchairs explains their decision behind coming to Aldershot Enterprise Centre,

We had been running very successfully for many years but during the COVID-19 pandemic, like a lot of businesses, we struggled a bit and decided to review how we were operating. We initially took one room but quickly followed this up with two more. Aldershot Enterprise Centre enabled us to expand our physical space quickly.”

Excellent Customer Service

Linda is happy with how this expansion of the company has gone,

Aldershot Enterprise Centre has given us the flexibility to expand or reduce our office space as needed, ably facilitated by the centre staff.”

She is also very happy with the customer service provided by the centre’s management team,

They are always friendly and professional, quick to respond with information and support and always listen to our needs.”

Building a Better Future

Business was affected by the pandemic, but Linda is confident that 2022 will be better for their business,

The COVID-19 pandemic affected our business as many of our clients are extremely vulnerable and lost some confidence during lockdown. We had to evolve to support them. Also, supply chain disruption has had a huge impact but there are good indications now that 2022 will be stronger.”

She has big plans for the future of the company,

“We aim to grow by acquiring more customers from a wider geographical area. We’d also like to build on our sound reputation to become a centre of excellence in our field for the South of England.”

Linda’s Top Tip

Linda’s top business tip is to be adaptable,

“There are many curved balls in business but having a clear vision and rationale for what you want to do helps to keep you focused from distracting influences. Having said that, if you have got it wrong, be ready to learn and adapt.”

To find out more about EPC Wheelchairs, you can visit their website or follow them on their Facebook or Instagram pages.

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