Gemma Wigley, Founder of Crafty Little Pickle

Crafty Little Pickle is the creative brainchild of Gemma Wigley. Her company creates beautiful handmade home and seasonal décor including bunting and sustainable fabric bags.

She is very proud that all her work is made in the UK and she prides herself on the quality of her products and the service she gives her customers.

Gemma explains her shift from hobby crafter to full-time businesswoman.

I started the company as a hobby that in turn became a part-time business and eventually a full-time business that outgrew my home!”

An Amazing Commission

Naturally, she then needed a home for her business and approached the Aldershot Enterprise Centre after looking them up on google and hearing good things about them on local Facebook groups. She visited the centre and was immediately won over, quickly taking on a room for her craft workshop.

Gemma is delighted that since moving to the centre, business has boomed, and she has won some lucrative contracts.  She is now working on some Christmas products.

As Gemma explains,

“I know people like to get ahead with Christmas and I have been surprisingly busy already with festive orders. I have created a collection of festive bags that can be used for gifts, such as Santa sacks or Christmas eve bags. I look forward to a busy few months ahead.”

Support from the Aldershot Enterprise Centre

Gemma attributes some of her success to the helpful centre management staff at Aldershot, who helped her set up shop quickly when she moved in.

They have always been very helpful and friendly when I have needed them.”

Gemma may need to expand her working space at the centre in the future as she hopes to grow,

My next steps are to build on the success I already have and change the business into a limited company so that I can employ staff.”

Gemma’s Top Tip

Fairly new to the entrepreneurial game herself, Gemma has some sound advice for new business owners,

“My advice to start-ups would be to build your business gradually, grow with the business, accept and learn from mistakes. Don’t over invest at the beginning, only spend what you can afford. I started my business with £100 in stock.”

You can find out more about Crafty Little Pickle on Facebook or Instagram or view and order Gemma’s products on their Etsy page.

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