Join us in the first of a series of workshops aimed at helping women in Rushmoor get back into employment with experienced advice and practical support.


CV and Cover Letter Writing | Presented by Purple CV

Weds 26th June


Aldershot Enterprise Centre



What will the workshop cover?


Tailored Precision

Learn how to tailor your CV, with precision, to match the specific requirements of each job application. This session will teach you how to highlight the most relevant experiences and skills, ensuring your CV stands out to hiring managers.


Compelling Storytelling

Discover the art of compelling storytelling in your CV. This segment will focus on how to craft a narrative that showcases your career journey and achievements in a way that captures the interest of potential employers.


Quantifiable Achievements

Understand the importance of including quantifiable achievements in your CV. We will guide you on how to effectively quantify your successes to demonstrate your impact and value to prospective employers.


Power of Keywords

Unlock the power of keywords in your CV to improve your chances of passing through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and catching the attention of recruiters. This session will cover how to identify and incorporate the right keywords for your industry.


Modern Design

Explore the elements of modern CV design that make a strong first impression. We will discuss layout, typography, and visual elements that enhance readability and professionalism, ensuring your CV looks polished and current.


Cover Letters

Master the art of writing cover letters that complement your CV. Learn how to articulate your motivation, highlight your key achievements, and convey your enthusiasm for the role, making a persuasive case for why you are the ideal candidate.


  • Lunch included at each workshop
  • Local travel expenses reimbursed
  • Free use of co-working space
  • One-to-one support


Aldershot Enterprise Centre

14-40 Victoria Rd, Aldershot GU11 1TQ
0800 30 77 008

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