Casa Clubs, established in 2006 offers high-quality wraparound childcare – breakfast, after school and holiday clubs – for children aged 4-12 across Hampshire and Surrey. It has been run by Managing Director Natasha Johnson for 8 years.

The company moved to the Aldershot Enterprise Centre in October 2021 as they had outgrown their previous office in Farnham. As Natasha explains,

We’d been based in Farnham for about 10 years but needed to double our room size as we wanted to expand our head office team. Aldershot Enterprise Centre proved an affordable alternative.”

More room to grow at Aldershot

Natasha found out about the centre after having been on a ghost hunt there some years ago and then a former business associate at Farnham had inspected the office in which they are now based. Now, the team of seven has two rooms at Aldershot, with a large office and a storage room, which has proved invaluable.

“The storeroom facility here proves much more cost-effective for us as we can easily see all the toys and resources we have in stock, and they are all accessible. Before, we had so little room it was difficult to see what we had!”

Although affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, as they were shut when the schools were shut, business is now picking up. Natasha is busily recruiting the holiday club staff for this Summer.

At our Summer peak, we employ around 70 staff which includes more experienced, more mature members as well as the younger members who can run around with the children. We are committed to providing the best service for our loyal parent client-base.”

Support from the Aldershot Enterprise Centre

Enabling to provide this high level of customer service is partly due to the location of the Aldershot Enterprise Centre. Natasha lists the advantages:

“It’s great to have the extra space, the telecom system is so much better than we had before, it is close to the A331, not far from the town centre, the rooms are large and there is an extra benefit of a café on site!”

She is also impressed with the level of service provided by the Centre Management team.

Lorna and Jo are really helpful and nice people! They do everything they possibly can to help, nothing is too much trouble for them.”

Future Plans

Casa Clubs plans include expanding their childcare provision in the area with more breakfast and after school clubs and even plans for a nursery in the future. All this means they will potentially need a larger space for their head office team. As Natasha explains,

“Moving to Aldershot Enterprise Centre was a long-term vision. We wouldn’t have moved here if we didn’t need more space, but we are very glad we made the move.”

Natasha’s Top Business Tip

As an experienced Managing Director of a growing company, Natasha’s top tip for new businesses is perseverance,

“If you have a goal in mind, do everything you can to achieve that goal. Work an extra hour, do an extra training course and it will all come to fruition in the end.”

You can find out more about Casa Clubs on their website, or their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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