What are they, you may be asking?


Well, here’s what they say:

“The Inspire Business Awards celebrate the success of local businesses in north Hampshire, from Andover in the west to Farnborough in the east and everywhere in between. The awards are open to those from across the region, including Basingstoke, Fleet, Aldershot, Odiham and Yateley and will ensure leading local businesses (both large and small) gain the recognition they deserve for themselves and most importantly for the dedication and commitment of their staff.”

We have been nominated for the Business and The Community Award – The Business and the Community award is open to businesses that, in addition to their commercial activities go over and above in to create a positive, sustainable and societal impact as part of their corporate and social responsibility role.

We are very proud to have been nominated – we do try and provide a community based package that benefits those looking to startup, through to local businesses who wish to grow.

The award ceremony will take place on 10th November – Wish us luck! 🙂