Here at the Aldershot Enterprise Centre, we have over 60 offices to rent, all with easy in/out terms. However, we are aware that some people may want to ‘test the water’ before committing to an office – This is why we have created a Business Studio area, for start-ups/freelancers to rent a desk in a shared business environment.

The Business Studio, along with all our offices, have an all inclusive package, including Superfast Internet + Modern Telephone System (with ALL calls included)and use of our Reception service for your guests.

Here’s what our tenant, Mark Towers of Envision8, thinks of the setup:

Why did you move your business?
“The majority of my work involves live video streaming with my cloud based service – it’s for webcasting events or enabling companies to run live events themselves. While events are at customers sites the rest of the time I’m a home worker and working on my own. As most people who have worked from home would understand, it’s often convenient but very easy to get side tracked, or spend the whole day without actually talking to anybody. What I was looking for was a space where I can concentrate, but also have the exchange of ideas that you get when working alongside other people. It’s the easiest way to pick up tips and make connections where you can help each other out. You don’t get that as a home worker.”

Envision8 Director, Mark Towers, using the Business Studio at Aldershot Enterprise Centre

Envision8 Director, Mark Towers


“The staff are really friendly and welcoming here; there are some great business owners to talk to.”



What made you choose Aldershot Enterprise Centre?
“Aldershot Enterprise Centre is really conveniently located. The flexibility of the Business Studio suits my needs for now, and there’s always the option to expand into bigger offices as and when needed. I like the idea that there are others you can collaborate with and share skills and this will improve as the centre gets busier.”

Postives of the Centre?
“The staff are really friendly and welcoming here, and there are some great business owners to talk to. The centre is investing in its facilities and I look forward to see how it develops. They have really good broadband speeds here which makes a difference when you need to transfer large files.”

Has it helped your business?
“The centre has given me a flexible space that I can get away from home, and interact and collaborate with other people. There have been some useful free training courses, and there’s access to business mentoring which will be very handy in the future.”

“They have really good broadband speeds here which makes a difference when you need to transfer large files.”

Envision8 - Based as Aldershot Enterprise Centre

Envision8 – Mark’s holding company

What does the future hold for your business?
“Since being here and chatting to other business owners, it’s given me the idea of expanding my service offerings to help other small businesses who need technology consultancy to help get them up and running as quickly as possible. I’ve had the IT experience from setting up my previous business, and from the corporate world, so it’s nice to share those skills with enthusiastic entrepreneurs so they can concentrate on their core idea and hit the ground running with the tools they need to flourish.”


If you would like to find out more about our Business Studio, Fully Managed Offices or Meeting & Training Rooms, our friendly office team will be happy to help.

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