Jon Morrissey Limited

Jon Morrissey is a family-run driver recruitment agency.

Jon and his wife Rachel set up the business in April 2016.

They pride themselves on sourcing drivers that are top of the class, with over 50% of their team sourced directly from ex-military personnel or currently serving soldiers.

The business caters for a variety of elite clientele in the Motorsport, Film and Entertainment, Security, Haulage and Logistics sectors.

Why did you move to the centre?

“We started the Business in April 2016. In September 2016 we attended a FREE Linkedin workshop hosted by WSX at the centre. At the time Jon was working from the small box room in our house. Once we discovered the centre and saw what the Business Studio had to offer we knew it was the affordable solution we needed.”

What made you choose Aldershot Enterprise Centre?

“The affordability of the centre definitely appealed to us.  However, location was also a factor. The majority of our drivers are sourced from the army. Being here at the centre enabled us to have a base in the prime location for our staff.

I also feel there is a sense of calm as I walk around the building, which I find nice.”

 Jon Morrissey Ltd.

“Without the Aldershot Enterprise Centre we wouldn’t have been able to have the same facilities for the same price.”

Positives of the Centre?

“Location is a huge positive for us; it has allowed us to be accessible to army lads even on their lunch break. The meeting room facilities and on-site Café are two of the other benefits of being here. We use the meetings rooms to host our CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) courses. As a family-run business working in a dog friendly office is another bonus for us, it means our dog Cole gets to come to work with us.”

Has it helped your business?

“Being at the Centre has helped our business as it has given us the flexibility to expand our business premises which we wouldn’t have done if we were still working from home. Just before Christmas 2016 we moved into our first office, and we have kept expanding from there. Without the Aldershot Enterprise Centre we wouldn’t have been able to have the same facilities for the same price.”

What does the future hold for your business?

“The future for our business involves expanding both our team here and internationally. So in the very near future we will be further expanding our offices and moving our team into five large offices at the Centre. As we grow we will be looking to have our own fleet and transform from a recruitment agency to a transport company but keeping the same elite clientele.”

If you’re an HGV driver looking for full time, part-time or casual work get in touch with Jon Morrissey  via options below:

Phone 0333 3208 708

If you would like to find out more about our Business Studio, Fully Managed Offices or Meeting & Training Rooms, our friendly office team will be happy to help.

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