We have just passed our 2nd anniversary and the centre is growing along with the great tenants we are home too!

Two years in, we have formed some strong relationships with our tenants and partners and enjoyed seeing them grow.

Below, we have our Meet the Tenant post, introducing you to a new tenant each month and highlighting how they are growing their business.

This month we have Gateway Security, a Security Services company who, in their own words:

“…a company dedicated to providing a reliable, cost effective security solution to clients in the commercial, industrial, manufacturing and private sector as well as to clients in the late night leisure industry.”


Why did you move to the centre?

“Cheap rent, free calls to mobiles and landlines and set up is focused on SMB.”


What made you choose the Aldershot Enterprise Centre?

 The principle focus is on SMBs, overheads are low and AEC is set up in a way that gives all start-ups the opportunity to survive and then thrive in the first few years of business.

“”Our business has benefitted through networking with existing tenants and getting referrals to provide our services.”



 of the Centre?

“The management support is second to none, all businesses here are SMB’s and are in the same boat as you so you can relate to each other and exchange notes about certain business aspects. The standard cost per room and fixed charges for your all in one integrated telephony system means that you always know what your monthly costs are going to be and most importantly you have peace of mind.”


Has it helped your business?

“Our business has benefitted through networking with existing tenants and getting referrals to provide our services. We have also been able to save on the expensive office charges that come with having an office in town or in more established serviced offices.”


What does the future hold for your business?

“We are slowly growing and in our second year at Aldershot enterprise centre would like to start diversifying into other areas that can be integrated with our current set up. The low overhead costs at Aldershot enterprise centre will allow us to do just that.”


If you are looking for professional security services or want to bet into the security business, Gateway Security can be contacted in the following ways:

Web  http://gatewaysecurityservices.info/
Phone 0870 7260003
Email info@gatewaysecurityservices.co.uk


If you would like to find out more about our Business Studio, Fully Managed Offices or Meeting & Training Rooms, our friendly office team will be happy to help.

0800 30 70 008   connect@aldershotenterprisecentre.co.uk