We’ve had lots of new tenants join, as more rooms have been opened up here at the centre.

With so many new faces, we thought it high time to kickstart our ‘Meet the Tenants’ series and put the spotlight on…

The Recruitment Lab


“Launched in 2018, The Recruitment Lab is a friendly, approachable, modern recruitment agency that has a highly professional approach. It was founded as a solution to the current employment reality; the need for a fast, responsive service, a continuous pressure to drive down recruitment costs and demonstrate return on investment, a scarcity of talent, and the emergence of a new confident, tech-savvy job seeker.”


Why did you move to the centre?

“So, my situation was slightly unusual; my business is a start-up, but because I sold my previous business I have a restrictive covenant in place. The terms of that include the fact I cannot create a business in Surrey or Sussex. I live in Surrey so the obvious way to work around my covenant was to look for office space in Hampshire or London.”


What made you choose Aldershot Enterprise Centre?

“I have used serviced offices for over a decade and I had a clear idea of what I wanted. The Enterprise Centre was in the right location (Hampshire), and it is a relatively good commute from home. You are less expensive than your competitors, which was very important to me as a start-up. There are no hidden costs in the contract, and during my initial visit I was told “this is it, warts and all” – I want that transparency in my supplier relationships. You also allowed me use the address as my registered business address – again, very important to me given my restrictive covenant.

I also feel there is a sense of calm as I walk around the building, which I find nice.”

 The Recruitment Lab - Aldershot Enterprise Centre

“You are less expensive than your competitors, which was very important to me as a start-up. There are no hidden costs in the contract”


Positives of the Centre?

“Cost effective for a start-up
Really nice office with a window (you don’t always get a window with serviced offices)
Easy parking
No hidden costings in the contract – but there are potentially areas where you could be offering services and generate additional revenue. Your competitors do do this.
The onsite cafe is nice as well – albeit I admit I have only used it a handful of times.”


Has it helped your business?

“I wouldn’t physically be able to run my business without the Enterprise Centre.”


What does the future hold for your business?

“I honestly don’t look too far ahead. All I can say is I think my business really does have a USP compared to my competitors, we are showing signs of growth albeit really is very early days. I see this as a business which I will be with for the next 20 years and no doubt there will be moments it will have to expand and go to the next level in terms of staffing, desk space etc.”


If you are looking for a recruitment partner, you can contact The Recruitment Lab via options below:

Web  http://www.therecruitmentlab.co.uk/
Phone 01252 303 967
Email info@therecruitmentlab.co.uk

If you would like to find out more about our Business Studio, Fully Managed Offices or Meeting & Training Rooms, our friendly office team will be happy to help.

0800 30 70 008   connect@aldershotenterprisecentre.co.uk