The European Commission has tabled an important legal proposal to tackle marine litter. By introducing new measures on single-use plastics as well as derelict fishing gear, the proposal will contribute to Europe’s transition towards a Circular Economy.

Marine LitterFishing gear (nets, lines, pots, traps…) accounts for 27% of all beach litter. With its proposal, the Commission will encourage all actors involved to get a maximum of derelict gear back to shore and include it in the waste and recycling streams. In particular, producers of plastic fishing gear will be required to cover the costs of waste collection from port reception facilities and its transport and treatment. They will also cover the costs of awareness-raising measures.

This new measure builds on existing rules such as the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and complements other actions taken against marine pollution, such as under the Port Reception Facilities Directive.

The proposal will now go to the European Parliament and Council for adoption.

For more information, please visit the European Commission website.


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