Products from all over the world, delivered to one’s door in a few clicks – that’s the advantage of online shopping.

But what about the safety of the products consumers buy?

Consumers have the right to expect that the products delivered to them will cause no harm. For this reason, there are safety rules and mechanisms in place that have to be respected before making a product available to consumers.

And national authorities across the EU are taking action to ensure that products sold to consumers are safe. But there are also a number of things consumers can do themselves.

In order to make the best of online shopping and to buy safe products online, it’s wise for consumers to consider these eight tips, published by the European Commission’s Directorate-General of Justice and Consumers:

  • Know who you’re buying from
  • If it’s listed in Rapid Alert System, don’t buy it
  • Buying a toy? Check for safety warnings
  • Read the safety instructions to make the best choices
  • Check the product & website reviews
  • Found a safety issue? Speak up!
  • Consider registering your product with the manufacturer
  • Stay informed about unsafe products.

To find out more, visit the European Commission Consumers Website.