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Brexit Glossary

This Commons Library research briefing contains a list of commonly-used terms and acronyms that have needed clarification since the United Kingdom voted in the June 2016 EU referendum. It is not a comprehensive list but will be expanded and updated periodically. Example term: Article 50 TEU Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union was inserted into the European Union (EU) Treaty by the Lisbon Treaty in 2009. It allows a Member State to leave the EU and sets out…

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Consultation on the Future of Europe

EU leaders are committed to a Europe that brings real results in issues that matter most to people. See how you can get involved in helping to shape the future of the European Union.     Ahead of a dedicated EU Summit in Sibiu, Romania, and the European elections in 2019, national leaders agreed on a Leaders’ Agenda on pressing issues and challenges where solutions are needed. You can contribute to the online consultation drafted by citizens themselves, read and react to…

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The User’s Guide to the Meaningful Vote

This paper explains the role of Parliament in the approval or rejection of any withdrawal agreement that may be reached between the UK and the EU27 in relation to the UK’s exit from the EU under Article 50. It explains what the “meaningful vote” is, what it involves, and what Parliament’s role will be if a deal is accepted, rejected or never reached. Jump to full report >> If the UK reaches a Withdrawal Agreement with the European Union, the…

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#YEYSturns10: Vote for the future!

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is launching its tenth “Your Europe, Your Say” event, which will take place in Brussels on 21-22 March 2019. As part of the “Your Europe, Your Say” (YEYS) event, three pupils and an accompanying teacher from 33 schools (from the 28 EU Member States and the five EU candidate countries) will be invited to Brussels to participate in a debate on a topical issue that concerns young people. The title of the upcoming…

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Speech by Michel Barnier: October 10th 2018

Speech by Michel Barnier at the closing session of Eurochambre’s European Parliament of Enterprises 2018   Ladies and gentlemen, On 29 March 2019, in less than 6 months, the UK will leave the European Union. We have always respected the UK’s sovereign decision to leave the European Union, even if we profoundly regret this vote We respect its decision to leave the Single Market and the Customs Union. And we are doing our best to reach a deal on the…

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Further certainty on EU funding for hundreds of British projects

Further funding certainty for hundreds of British projects which are reliant on EU funding, announced by the Chancellor. Following his announcement in August, which guaranteed funds for projects signed up until the Autumn Statement, the Chancellor has now extended this guarantee to the point at which the UK departs the EU. The Chancellor confirmed that the government will guarantee EU funding for structural and investment fund projects, including agri-environment schemes, signed after the Autumn Statement and which continue after we have…

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Brexit Unknowns (update) from House of Commons

What do we still not know about the Brexit process or the withdrawal agreement with the EU that is currently being negotiated? This paper looks at some of the main unknowns. The Brexit process The Article 50 process stipulates a broad sequence of events and a two-year period in which time a withdrawal agreement must be agreed or a State leaves the EU without one. We do not know whether a withdrawal agreement will be agreed within this time limit…

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What if there’s no Brexit deal?

What could happen if the EU and UK negotiators don’t agree a withdrawal agreement in time and the UK has to leave the EU on 29 March 2019 without one – and with no framework for future relations either? This paper looks at how such a situation might come about, the constitutional implications for the UK and the devolved administrations, and what the impact might be in a range of policy areas. How no deal might happen Article 50 of…

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The Brexit White Paper on future relations and alternative proposals

The Government published its White Paper on future relations between the UK and the EU on 12 July. It envisages a ‘common rulebook’ to facilitate ‘frictionless’ trade, and among other things, UK cooperation in security matters, a commitment to maintain high environmental, data and consumer protection standards, UK participation in some EU agencies and solutions to the Irish border issues – all underpinned by a new governance structure that will pay “due regard” to the EU Court. Would the White…

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EU Settlement Scheme: Employer Toolkit

It is important that businesses are aware of the EU settlement scheme and we are pleased to provide you with information on this. We understand there is a lot of info regarding the EU settlement scheme. As a result, the Home office has set up various channels for you to access information including email alerts, webinars and more. This toolkit contains leaflets, posters and a briefing pack to help employers across the UK communicate clear and consistent messages about the…

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